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Why No Wool?

I was farming 5000 ewes away from home, shearing 12-13,000 sheep annually and selling 30 tonnes of wool per year at a big loss.


Getting rid of wool has been the single biggest improvement to my flocks health, welfare and efficiency and I think it’s now saving me over £10/ewe/year. It’s made more difference to my farming system than any other management change and it’s saving thousands on Ectoparasite products.


Tail docking has become optional - just ask your vet or Fabble inspector for guidance on docking tails on 4 week old Romney lambs? Sheep hardly ever get cast or stuck in brambles or wire and only need checking once a day at lambing.


Ewes actively seek shelter to lamb so lamb survival is excellent and it’s all because there is no wool which I’m sure means less friction during the birthing process.  No wool means there is now time to actively manage the flock.

Easy care Ewes and Lambs.jpg
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