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Low Footprint Lamb Concept

Ian and Hayden met when Hayden's flock was selected to provide the bulk of 500 Easycare embryos exported to NZ. As they worked together, they discussed the woolshedding genetics available in the Southern Hemisphere and how they may improve UK sheep. Ian is an Australian Vet, who moved to the UK in 1985, and has traveled the world for 35 years with his Sheep Breeding Business and he has a unique overview of global sheep production.


They hope that by combining advanced breeding technologies, accurate performance recording and no nonsense commercial sheep farming it will be possible to produce Cleanskin Terminal and Cleanskin Maternal Rams that will perform well on most farms in Britain and beyond, producing a better quality lamb with a low environmental footprint, all achieved with the original Easycare ethos of the absolute minimum requirement for labour and resources.

Low Footprint Lamb UK
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